1. Once logged into the CME Learning Platform navigate to the course you wish to attend.
  • To learn how to login click here
  • To learn how to find a course click here
  1. Click "Take Course".
  2. In the Course Progress box on the left side, click the down arrow to expand the tab and click "Start".

  1. Click "Join Webinar".

Note: if you are registering before the webinarbegins (days/hours) you will receive an email confirmation for the webinar as well as a reminder with instructions.

  1. On the Go To Webinar browser page you may be prompted to Open Go To Webinar.  If so, click on "Open Go To Webinar".

  1. If you have logged in before the organizer you will see the following message.

  1. Dial in with the number provided or use your computer speaker.
  2. In order to receive credit for the webinar you will need to participate for 75% of the time.

Note:  All questions asked during the webinar will be presented to the speaker and answered at a later time.


If you have questions, please contact Advocate Aurora CME Office at cme@aah.org