Hyperbaric Simulation Lab 2019

This course is designed to standardize and increase Hyperbaric Medicine knowledge, model the correct step by step procedures and practice these skills. This allows for the practioner to learn, apply and practice skills to increase proficiency in a safe Simulated environment.

We have the unique opportunity to augment our competencies with a hands-on simulation training lab staffed with guest Aurora partners including Emergency Medicine physicians, ENT physicians, and Certified Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Instructors. The goal is to augment and reinforce knowledge with others expertise as a real world-working as a team education. This initiative was advocated for by the Medical Staff Leadership.


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Target Audience

This course is intended for Hyperbaric Medicine Providers

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, learners should be able to:

  1. Ability to recognize, stabilize, and treat clinical and emergent complications and side effects of Hyperbaric treatment.
  2. Discuss indications and potential complications of intubation.  Demonstrate the ability to correctly intubate
  3. Discuss indications and potential complications. Demonstrate the ability to correctly decompress a tension pneumothorax. 
Course summary
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Laurie Gesel, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
David Hyman, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Paul Coogan, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Christopher George, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Jennifer Cuske Dunn; Advocate Aurora Health 
Cory Dubose, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Kyle Dubose, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Tanner Boes, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Becky Striet, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Robin Mueller; Advocate Aurora Health
Jack Simanonok, MD; Advocate Aurora Health
Scott Schlenner; Advocate Aurora Health
Risa Anderson; Advocate Aurora Health


The planners and speaker(s) have indicated that there are no financial relationships with any commercial interests to be disclosed.

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