Opioid Safety

Illinois and Wisconsin require Opioid Education for license renewal.  Below is a list of online educational CME opportunities to meet the requirement.  Click on the course to learn more.  

These courses have been approved by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board as meeting the requirements for a continuing education course on the responsible opioid prescribing guidelines per Med 13.03(3) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.


Drug Screening for Opioid Therapy

This course describes challenges in drug testing patients on opioid for chronic pain. We recommend specific tests and discuss possible results and actions that may be taken based on those results. Advice for inconsistent drug screen results is also discussed.

Opioid Prescribing Procedure 

Opioid prescribing is still an issue across the country.  This course was developed by AAH to simplify guidelines to enable prescribing clinicians across AAH to closely monitor patients’ opioid use.

Opioid Weaning Procedure

This course covers the AAH recommendations for weaning patients from opioids: which patients should be weaned, the risks of weaning, and the newest clinical evidence for weaning procedure.