Welcome to the Geriatrics Albatross Learning Group

The Geriatrics Albatross Learning Group intent is to promote collaboration on education, research, operations, service offering.  We explore or share creative agile strategies or solutions. We look to integrate data to ensure your contributions or engagement at this channel supports a path of wellbeing for older adults, providers who practice in the field of geriatrics, and caregivers.

View the department sections below to register for CME-MOC activities.  On the pane called "Resources/Articles" you can find details on several initiatives and reference material including social work.

The information shared is only for Advocate Aurora Health (AAH) staff.  Please do not share content outside AAH.

In the discussion boards, and other sections of the learning channel, the content shared, and the contributions of the users do not represent the views of AAH.

On Fridays between 4 to 4:30 we will plan to be available to look at and engage at the discussion boards.  Reach out to Tom Triantafillou if you are interested in providing support on promoting such an activity.

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AAH Education Related Activities

Monday noon: Geriatrics Fellow Curriculum Conference (no CME); contact: Debra Mooney (last update 10-1-2021) 

2nd Monday: Geriatric Emergency Medicine Collaborative (CME)https://gedcollaborative.com/events/  (last update 10-1-2021) 

Tuesday:  Older Adult Challenging Case Conference, contact: Ariba Khan; time: noon to 12:45; platform: Zoom (last update 10-1-2021) 

Wednesday: Memory Case Conference (CME); contact: Darren Gitelman; time: 8 – 9 am; platform: ECHO (last update 10-1-2021) 

1st Wednesday: Timely Topics on Care of Older & Aging Adults Webinar (CME/MOC) (click to register); contact to join: Yolanda Manson; contact to present: Tom Triantafillou; time: noon to 1 pm; Platform: Teams (last update 5-1-2021) 

1st Wednesday: St-Luke Ethics, contact: Kathryn Agard; time: noon; platform: Zoom (last update 5-1-2021) 

2nd Wednesday: Palliative-IL Conference (CME); contact: Kim Salazar; time: noon; platform: zoom (last update 10-1-2021) 

2nd Wednesday: Palliative -WI Conference; contact Kathryn Agard; time: noon; platform: zoom (last update 5-1-2021) 

2nd Wednesday of every 3 month; Geriatrics Models of Care Collaborative Quarterly Meeting; remainder 2021: Dec 8th:  time: 2:00 to 3:00 PM; contact Ann Gallo ann.gallo@aah.org; platform: Teams

4th Wednesday: Palliative-WI Didactics; contact Kathryn Agard; time: noon; platform: zoom (last update 5-1-2021) 

2nd Thursday: Most Difficult Case Conference; contact: Dr. Kalloo, Dr. Malone; time: 9 am (last update 5-1-2021) 

Friday: Geriatric Fellow Conference (no CME); contact Debra Mooney; time: 8 am (last update 5-1-2021) 

Friday:  Aurora Sinai Medical Center Grand Rounds (CME) (click to register); contact: Kenyata Johnson and Stephanie Steger; time: noon; platform: zoom (last update 10-1-2021) 

Friday:  Palliative Chalk Talks (no CME); time: 9:40 – 10:30 am; ZOOM LINK; password: 1PesnR; contact to present: martin.bazelak@aah.org (last update 5-1-2021) 

Enduring: Dementia Resource Training 2021: provides team members with strategies that will help them in the care of patients with dementia.  WI team members access on Learning Connection: Dementia Resource Training 2021,  IL team members access on Advocate Talent Management System: Dementia Resource Training 2021   


Are You Interested?

2021 National Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Conference | Nov. 5, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. | Register Here

NIDUS Delirium Boot Camp 2021 | Sunday November 7 to Tuesday November 9, 2021
Applications for the are now open and will be accepted until Friday July 23, 2021.
Click here to learn more.

2021 Global Innovation Search The Global Innovation Search provides an opportunity for innovators around the world to showcase their products and services. This year we are searching for solutions to help keep people engaged in their own health and wellness (education, patient communities, self care, disease management, etc). If you are interested in participating, click here for more information.